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Woo-woo? Nope. I do not identify as being a woo-woo person. Or I didn’t use to. 

Three months ago, I participated in group breathwork and meditation which was offered through an entrepreneurial program I was in. Going into this experience, I felt resistance and I was even embarrassed.  But I was also curious and since it was a virtual session, I could keep my camera off and could leave the session at any time if it got to be too uncomfortable for me.

I assumed that it would be similar to the type of yoga breathwork I have done in the past, and truth be told, I’ve never really cared for that either. I cannot find center and “drop in” while surrounded by an audience.  And allow other people hear me breathe loudly?! No, thank you!

But this was different and maybe more importantly, I was different.  I was vulnerable and ignored external distractions.

Initially it was difficult to maintain the breathing pattern and it took a lot of focus. But after ten minutes or so it got easier, and the music that was playing washed over me and transported me to what felt like another realm.  Had I found “center”? Perhaps.

What do I feel called to do and do I have faith that it is possible? These questions manifested a vision during the meditation that I cannot forget.

In complete darkness and nothingness, I asked God for His blessing, guidance, and the bravery to live my dream.  With His hand stretched down towards me, God looked at me with a smirk as if to say “You’ve got this, you silly girl. It is already done and it is just waiting for you to claim it.”  He guided me out of the void to a clearing in a meadow surrounded by trees. But everything was black and white.  Still with a confident smirk, He began to spin me around the edges of the clearing.  My heart filled with joy and the world around me began filling with colors as I twirled by.  One tree after another transformed with vibrant colors, the sky changed from gray to the most beautiful blue color, and the darkness was left behind like it never existed. This was a world I wanted to be in.

That is some pretty deep stuff, right? My interpretation: denying myself and the world of the gifts that God has specifically given to me is like living in a black and white world where joy does not exist. Honoring my gifts, on the other hand, reveals the beauty that exists within me and can be shared with the world. This is actually a pretty amazing and beautiful place filled with possibilities waiting for me to claim them. And possibilities are waiting for you too.

I may not be fully converted into woo-woo-ness, but I cannot say there isn’t anything woo-woo about me. I hope you find some woo too because the world is ready for your gifts!

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