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When I am 88 years old, what will I look back on and regret having not done? Does future me believe that I am capable of it? These questions have been a source of motivation to push fear aside and proclaim my dream. It is scary, yes, but I realized that if the 88-year-old version of me with unwavering confidence knows I can make my dreams a reality, then I know it, because she is me. 

The dream: A brand where the only style question that matters is: Does it bring me joy?

The Merry Canary is more than clothing and home decor, it is a lifestyle brand for the free-spirited, the bohemian, the artist, the quirky ones.  It is about celebrating the genuine person that you are at your core, exactly as you are. It is about authenticity and emphatically declaring that you matter, that you are worthy of a life that brings you joy.

Every product features original artwork, created with love, by me and I am so excited that my first custom clothing collection will be dropping this fall! With no fashion education, I am learning everything as I go, and believe me, there is a lot to learn! I am currently developing tech packs, sourcing fabric, and securing a factory for production. And guess what?  I didn’t even know what a tech pack was just six months ago. But this brand is my heart.

Look through the Fall Look Book to see drawings of the fall clothing collection and browse the shop – you may just find a must-have!

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